A copolymer of tetrafluoroethylene and properly, AFLAS® exhibition excellent chemical resistance properties, and good to fair high temperature retention of physical properties.

Key Use:

Seals for Oil field, industries and chemical applications.

Working Temperature Range: - 23 °F to + 400 °F. (Dry Heat Only).


  • With good resistance to petroleum fluids; steam; a number of acid and alkalizes; amines (anti-freeze); phosphate esters and brake fluids, AFLAS® has generated considerable interest as a seal material for oil field, industrial and chemical applications.
  • Laboratory tests have demonstrated a high degree of heat resistance (to 400ºF) with retention of slightly below average (2,500 psi) tensile properties. Tests have further shown abrasion resistance to be about the same as fluorocarbon; cracking to appear after 100 to 200 flexes at 400°F; and no change in material properties after one year of weathering.

Note: Aflas® is registered treademark of Asahi Glass Company

Aflas Rubber Products Manufacturers Supplier Mumbai India