Saunders’s Pattern Weir ‘A” Type Diaphragms

ACCURATE RUBBER continues to leads the rubber industries in the developments and manufacturing of Elastomer Components based on our in house core competence in rubber technology. The Diaphragms is the key performance component within a Diaphragm Valve providing leak tight shutoff downstream and atmosphere, also, isolating the top works from the process media. As the one of the leading manufacturers of diaphragms, the company continuously develops its own diaphragm technology and remains the only manufactures to have front to back ownership of all aspects of polymer research and development, rubber technology, diaphragms design and production.

For customers involved in Chemicals Processing and Related Industries including Power Generations, Water Treatment, Effluent Treatments, Chlor-Alkali, Minerals Processing and Metal Treatments, it offers a full range of diaphragms suitable for handling a wide variety of corrosive, abrasive and combined corrosive/abrasive media. For those using Diaphragms in biopharmaceuticals applications, the range of diaphragms is engineered to meet the exacting demands found within the industry. This includes batch traceability to aid the validation process, diaphragms manufactured from FDA conforming materials to meet the requirements of CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) chapter 1 title 21, with testing and certification to UPS Class V & VI. Certificates of conformity are also available.

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