Epichlorohydrin (Hydrin®) – CO/ECO

Available in homopolymer (CO), Polymer (ECO), and terpolymer (GECO) for Epichlorohydrins are oil resistance compounds.

Key Use:

Ideal for fuel and air-conditioning systems components. Used in the petroleum industry.

Working Temperature Range: - 40 °F to + 275 °F. (Dry Heat Only.)


  • Epichlorohydrins features excellent resistance to hydrocarbon oils and fuels; low solvents and gas permeability; excellent resistance to ozone and weathering; and stable cycling form low to high temperature. With less sub-zero temperature stiffness than Nitrile or Neoprene, Ephichlororhydrin is often substituted for Nitrile in Military aircraft applications.

Note: Hydrin® is registered trademark of Zeon Chemicals Inc