Accurate Rubber Industries is continuing the tradition of processing silicone rubbers products in India, which was engaged in silicone rubber processing since the beginning of the 2006. Reliability and top quality of our products conform to international standards certified by SGS India

Modern production control and planning systems are important instruments for Accurate Rubber Industries, to ensure deliveries of quality products on time. Our goal is always to deliver the right quantity and quality at the right time as required by our Customers schedules. By constant monitoring of each of our production processes we ensure that we achieve our goal.

The characteristic properties of silicone rubber products comply with special requirements for healthy products, better high-temperature resistance in comparison with common rubbers, high outdoor ageing resistance, and UV resistance. These rubbers have good electrical insulating properties. They can be glued. For final products, any needed colour can be chosen.

The products from silicone rubbers resist the temperatures in the range from - 60 °C up to +200 °C, compounds with special additives up to +300 °C, or possibly -100 °C. Their applicability in oils is limited to oils with aniline point higher than 100. The products can be largely used in health service, automotive, aerospace and construction industries, and in household products.


Resistance to ageing, weathering and ozone:
Exceptional resistance not only to ozone, oxygen, ultraviolet light and cosmic radiation, but also to weathering of every description.

Physiological properties:
Physiological inert and appropriate processing provided released for food contact according to the relevant BGA-/FDA-formalities.

Radiation resistance:
Radiation levels up to 10 Mrad remain without serious impact on the extensibility.

Dielectric properties:
Excellent insulation properties also at high temperatures; special conductive grades possible by compound modification.

Temperature resistance:
Exceptional good resistance to low as well as high-temperatures. - Standard Grades: -60 °C to +200 °C, - Special Grades: -100 °C to +300 °C, - constancy of many physical properties over a wide temperature range.

Steam resistance:
Very good resistance to boiling water, the hydrophobic character avoids water absorption, resistance to steam up to ca. 140 °C, cyclic sterilization possible.

Chemical resistance:
Neutral against paints and plastics, good resistance to aqueous solutions of weak acids and bases also at high temperatures as well as polar fluids (for example polyhydric alcohols etc.) conditional usability for non polar fluids (aliphatic or aromatic mineral oils, fuel etc.).

Combustion behavior:
Standard materials are up to DIN 4102 B2; adjustment of self-extinguishing properties of different requirements is possible by compound modification.

Colours and forms:
Almost any fast colored and extensive geometrical scopes for design by own blending and own tool making.

We have developed a variety of Silicone Rubber Products for different applications. We request you to have look of our diverse Silicone Rubber Products as under: