Silicone Inflatable Gaskets

Accurate Rubber Industries is leading high quality Industrial Silicone Inflatable Gaskets, EPDM Rubber Gaskets Manufactures & Suppliers in Mumbai (India). ACCURATE inflator seals are made from high standard FDA approved Silicone Rubber, which complies with USP Class VI and 21 CFR 177.2600.


Inflator seals provide and inflatable sealing solution where the risk of fabric contamination is not acceptable. It is mainly used:

  • Oven Door Seals
  • Fluid Bed Dryers / Processors
  • Sterilizers
  • Auto Cleavable


Inflator Seals are manufactured in a relaxed / deflated position when air pressure is applied the seals either expands or raises up to meet the sealing face. When the pressure is released, the seal return to its relaxed position. All seals are supplied with a one-way inflation assembly.


  • It provides a leak proof closure, yet allows clearance when needed.
  • It simplifies the design of the structures & hardware.
  • It minimizes the need of close matching and fabricating tolerances.
  • It is not subject to compression set, which negates effectiveness of the seals.
  • It saves time, man power & cost

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