FKM/FPM – Fluoroelastomer (VITON®)

Combining high temperature resistance with outstanding chemical resistance, Fluorocarbon-based compounds approached the ideal for universal O-Ring material.

Key Use:

Seal for aircraft engines. Seal for automotive fuel handling system. High temperature/lowcompression set applications. Wide chemical exposure situations. Hard vacuum service.

Working Temperature Range: - 20 °F to + 400 °F (Dry Heat Only)


features excellent resistance to petrochemical products and solvent, with good high temperature compression set characteristics, Fluorocarbon O-rings make ideal seals for aircraft, automobile and other mechanical uses.

Fluorocarbons are highly resistance to swelling in gasoline and gasoline/alcohol blends, as well as resistance to the degrading effects of UV lights and ozone.

With low gasd permeability, they are also, well suited for hard vacuums services.

Note:Viton® is a Registered Trade Mark of DuPont Dow Elastomers