Liquid Silicone Rubber Products (LSR)

Liquid silicone rubber (LSR) based products make up the fastest growing segment of Accurate Rubber Industries's silicone rubber molding operations. The fast cure cycles and improved performance properties of liquid silicone rubber make it a good choice for small molded components. Unlike most thermoplastic elastomers (TPRs and TPEs), LSR remains flexible and elastic beyond -70°F and retains its properties up to 450°F. Liquid silicone rubber is a good candidate for gaskets, seals and cushioning pads in portable communications, data acquisition instruments and ruggedized electronic devices where outdoor conditions are demanding. Cured LSR does not out-gas volatiles and plasticizers- which has made it friendly to electronic assemblies that were formerly required to be "silicone free".

Accurate Rubber Industries has been supporting the medical and medical device industries for many years providing clean room produced silicone liquid injection molded (LIM) seals and components. Through the incorporation of design engineering, materials science, and precision manufacturing, We offer customers complete application solutions ranging from product development to value engineering.

Through testing and development, we provides LSR materials closely matching material physical properties of traditional transfer and compression molded products. We also provides LSR seals and components in both clear and pigmented materials.

Silicone LIM molding provides customers with ultra-clean, high tolerance sealing products in high production at very competitive costing.

Accurate Rubber Industries develops and manufactures challenging LSR liquid silicone products that have the following typical characteristics:

  • Heat tolerance up to +180°C
  • Good elastic properties
  • Stays elastic also in cold conditions
  • Good UV and ozone tolerance
  • Excellent aging and weather tolerance
  • Excellent electrical insulator over a large temperature range
  • Neutral odour and taste
  • Non-allergenic in direct skin contact

Physiologically neutral characteristics, suitable for food processing and medical purposes Translucent basic material, can easily be dyed to the desired colour with pigments

Properties of special liquid silicones:

  • Fireproofed special qualities (UL 94 approval)
  • Antistatic and electricity-conducting versions

Some examples of LSR products:

  • Breathing mask parts
  • Diving equipment
  • Laminations for a dentist's instrument panel
  • Bellows, feedthroughs and rubber sheaths
  • Shaped gaskets

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Liquid Silicone Rubber ProductsLiquid Silicone Rubber ProductsLiquid Silicone Rubber Products