EPDM Rubber Extruded Profile

Accurate Rubber Industries offer EPDM Rubber Extruded Profiles for Automotive Sealing Systems include Door Weather-strips, Inner and Outer Belt strips, Secondary Seals, Quarter Window Weather-strips, Decklid Seals, Roof Rail weather-strip, Glass Run weather-strips, windshield Mouldings, Hood-to-cowl weather-strips. Sealing systems for the construction industry and industrial applications and a range of other similar products also form part of the product profile.

We also serve a niche segment of speciality profiles and other components with specifications such as ultra low specific gravity with smooth finish for HVAC and car air-conditioning applications, flame resistant EPDM profiles for railway, high TS-high EB specs. and similar other challenging parameters.

co-extruded Profiles

The most common and by far the most important application of the EPDM based sealing system in an automobile is the door seal (co-extruded profiles). These are dynamic seals which seals the door with the door flange firmly to avoid dust, water & air to leak inside the cabin. The same sealing system is also used in Deck lid sealing, bonnet sealing and similar other applications. The seals are also very important as far as aesthetics is concerned. It takes care of the door & Body flange panel variations and gives a smooth look from outside.

Functional parameters are easy fitment on the sash but high retention force after fitment and the desired level of force required in the closure of the door. The important design parameters like Compression load deflection force, insertion and retention force are the reflection of these factors.

Flocked Profile

These components, manufactured by our company, serve as sealing components with anti friction qualities for the smooth operation of windows. The abrasion resistance parameters that are the key measures of quality of these components are tested in-house. The on-line flocking process is the key to attaining high abrasion resistance levels. The material used in these components like the compounds, flocking material and adhesive, all have to be of the best grade available worldwide to provide optimal results.

Insulation & Speciality Sponge Components

These components are extensively used in a vast range of diverse applications including automotive air-conditioning. They are manufactured in special high-end sponge compounds with very low specific gravity. Our ability to manufacture these highly specialised components in exceptionally low specific gravity, with high porosity on the inside without compromising on the external texture of the components that retains its desired smoothness, is one of our company's core strength and a rare capability.

Construction and Building Industry Profiles

The company serves the building and construction industry extensively. It manufactures EPDM profiles for this sector that serve as sealing components used between the glass and aluminium sections that from the core of the modern building industry. The zero tolerance levels maintained for conformance to dimensional specifications and perfect fitment have meant that our components used in combination with world class aluminium building systems provide excellent sealing from the external environment. The high level of ozone resistance of these profiles has meant that the perfect sealing qualities are sustained for a very long time. This is one of the primary reasons that the leading architectural aluminium building systems manufacturers in India and abroad use our products.

Door Trims

These components, manufactured by our company, are very important constituents of the sealing system of an automobile. The wear and tear that these components go through due to the nature of their application has meant that they are manufactured in high-end EPDM compositions. The components have to ensure perfect sealing from the external environment without compromising on the cushioning required during the operation of the doors. Thus the factors like sponge levels, relaxed modulus, compression set, ageing properties and other related parameters have to be delicately balanced and stringently monitored to provide optimal product characteristics.

Galzing Profiles and Windsheild Modulings

These components, manufactured by our company, are the most important components in the sealing systems used in all types of automobiles. The paramount importance of these components in the overall sealing system of an automobile has meant that high-end compounds are used to manufacture these components. Stringent testing is conducted for their ozone resistance and ageing properties. Conformance to cross section profile parameters with zero tolerance is undertaken on digital profile projectors aided by in-house auto-cad facilities.

Our company manufactures these profiles that are used in buses and other similar vehicles. These are used between the window and the main body, the door and the main body and in similar other applications. These components are manufactured in superior EPDM compounds with high ozone resistance capabilities. The cross-section design of these components are tested to grip the glass and the automotive body to provide perfect sealing required, avoid any rattling noise and also to provide optimal protection form dust, water and other irritants in the external environment.

In addition to above; we can provide Solid, Open and closed-cell sponge Polymer extrusions in continuous lengths, intricate profile shapes in different colours. Each of our profiles is highly engineered, beginning with end-use assessment through compound development, meeting tolerance requirements to produce a profile that is uniquely Lauren. We can compound seals and gaskets made from virtually any type of rubber viz.

Silicone, EPDM, Neoprene, Nitrile and Natural.

Custom Extruded Products Benefits

  • Wide variety of compounds in our portfolio that meet industry specifications
  • Flame-retardant Neoprene EPDM and Silicone
  • Color-matching services
  • Dual-durometer extrusions
  • A variety of curing systems
  • Splicing for continuous seal applications, such as o-rings or four-cornered frames