Millable Polyurethane (PU)

MILLABLE polyurethene is outstanding over most other O -ring elastomers in abrasion resistance and tensile strength.

Key Use:

Seals for high hydraulic pressures. Situations where highly stressed parts are subject to wear. Wiper seal for axially moving piston rods.

Working Temperature Range: - 40 °F to + 175 °F. (Dry Heat Only).


  • Millable Polyurethene offers superior seal performance in hydraulic situations, where high pressure, shock loads, or abrasive contamination is anticipated.
  • At temperature up to approximately 158°F, Millable Polyurethene possesses chemical compatibility similar to that of Nitrile, offering good resistance to petroleum-based oils, hydrocarbon fuels and hydraulics fluids, the oxidizing effects of ozone, and the aging effects of sunlight.
  • Good low temperature flexibility is also a feature of many Millable Polyurethene elastomer compositions.