Rubber Expansion Joints and Bellow

Accurate Rubber Industries is leading high quality Industrial Rubber Expansion Joints, Rubber Expansion Bellows Manufacturers & Suppliers in Mumbai (India) for Varity of applications in Power Plants, Chemical Industries, Refineries, Heavy Engg. Industries, Petrochemicals, Ship Building etc. etc. Our Rubber Expansion Joints/ Bellows are designed to take care of reactional forces like Thermal Expansion, Contraction, Vibrations which otherwise breaks the pipelines. Depending upon the applications, it is being made up of VITON, SILICONE, NEOPRENE, EPDM & NATRUAL RUBBER. It can be coated inside with Teflon for chemical resistance. It is reinforced with specially treated, NYLON, RAYON, GLASS FIBRE, STEEL CORD etc. our expertise in designing provides perfect balance between Movements (Axial, Radial, Torsional & Angular) and pressure bearing capacity.

ACCURATE’S Rubber Expansion Joints/ Bellow are available in sizes ranging form 1" NB to 72" NB with hydro testing up to 24 bar pressure. These bellows have either integrated flange (Metallic flanges are bonded with rubber) or Back up flange (Which is split & Separate). These bellows are made as per customers Design, Drawing s & Specifications.

Please Specify while Ordering:
  • Inner Diameter of the Rubber Expansion Joints / Bellows.
  • Face-to-Face length.
  • Pressure (Negative OR Positive)

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