chloroprene (NEOPRENE®)

One of the earliest of the synthetic material to be developed as an oil-resistant substitute for natural Rubber, Neoprene® is a homopolymer of chloroprene ( Chlorobutadiene).

Key Use:

Numerous components use in the transportation field. Recommended for exposure to weathering. Preferred sealing material for refrigeration industry. FDA approved for food & beverage industry use.

Working Temperature Range: - 45 °F to + 250 °F. (Dry Heat Only).


  • Chloroprene can be used in innumerable sealing application, due to its broad base of such desirable working properties as: moderate resistance to petroleum oils: good resistance to ozone, sunlight and oxygen aging: relatively low compression set: good resilience: and reasonable production cost.
  • Due to its excellent resistance to freon and ammonia, Neoprene is also, widely accepted as preferred material for refrigerated seal.