A group of elastomers, made from silicone, oxygen, hydrogen and carbon, silicones are renowned for their retention of flexibility and low compression set characteristics, within one of the widest working temperature ranges for elastomers

Key Use:

Static Seals in extreme temperature situations. Seals for medical devices, compatible with FDA regulations.

Working Temperature Range:65°F to + 450°F. (Dry Heat Only)


  • Especially resistant to highly, dry heat, in primarily static applications, special silicone compounds have been manufactured to resist up to 600°F heat for short time duration. Maximum elevated temperature for continuos service, however, remains at 450°F .at the opposite end of the temperature scale, the low limit for silicone flexibility is -75°F.
  • In addition to their resistance extremes, silicone is noted for their high resistance to the aging effect of both sunlight and ozone attack.
  • Silicone is also fungus rest, orderlies, tasteless and nontoxic.