Fluorosilicone (FVMQ)

Fluorocarbon combines the good High and Low Temperature stability of Silicone with Fuel, Oil and Solvent resistance of Fluorocarbon.

Key Use:

Aerospace Fuels System, Auto Fuel Emission Control System, Primary for Static Sealing applications.

Working Temperature Range: - 75 °F to + 400 °F. (Dry Heat Only).


  • Fluorosilicone is most often used in aerospace application for systems requiring fuel and /or diester-based lubricant resistance up to a dry heat limit of 400°F.
  • Although generally specified for aerospace use, due to its excellent fuel resistance and high temperature stability, Fluorosilicone is becoming an increasingly popular material for wider range of sealing applications.
  • Featuring good compression set and resilience properties, FS compounds are suitable for exposure to air, sunlight, ozone, and chlorinating and aromatic hydrocarbons.