Hydrogentated - Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (HNBR)

Key Use:

All oil resistance application, including exposure to such oil additives as detergents, anti-wear agents. Exposure to oil soured with metal sludge. Seal for oil well applications. Seal for automobile fuel handling systems. Seal for general industrial usage.

Working Temperature Range: - 20 °F to + 275 °F (Dry Heat Only)


  • In the areas of heat resistance, tensile strength, abrasion resistance, and oil additive resistance, H-NBR exhibits improved performance characteristics over non-hydrogenated Nitrile, while showing about five times strength sour gasoline and ozone resistance. Tensile strength at 77°F has been increased from 2,900psi for Nitrile, to 4350 psi for H-NBR.
  • Various H-NBR compounds have been created with performance characteristics rivaling those of other polymers, such as fluorocarbon, polyacrylate, ethylene propylene and neoprene. H-NBR ozone and fuel resistance compares favorably with Fluorocarbon. Its excellent heat and oil resistance rivals that of polyacrylate. Its resistance to steam (to 347°F) is close to that of ethylene propylene. Its high abrasion and heat resistance enables. In most cases, the tensile strength of H-NBR is unsurpassed.