Millable Polyurethane Rubber

Millable urethanes are specially polymers that have found use in applications that need the unique combination of properties that uretahnes offer: excellent abrasion resistance, tensile and tear strength, oil resistance, low temperature flexibility and ozone resistance. Urethanes are inherently very good for resistance to gas permeability as well, but this property was improved upon with development of new polymer which combines excellent nitrogen permeability with excellent low temperature flexibility. Another new polymer filled a gap in the range of commercial polymer by being developed for wet food handling requirements. These two new polymers expand the range of application where millable urethanes could use.

Molded parts based on millable polyurethane rubber make a perfect choice for seals, gaskets, O-rings, membranes, CV-boots, dust cover, mounts and bearing for the automotive industry. Millable polyurethane are also widely used at the production of rollers and drive belts for many business machines. Other market includes footwear, mechanical engineering and plant construction, the textile industry, the petroleum industry, and transportation and vehicle construction. Typical applications are tile molds, hydraulics gaskets, diaphragms, seals, belt, roller covering, vibration insulators, bumpers, pump stators, cable jackets, sand blaster and shoe soles.

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