Nitrile Rubber (NBR)

Presently the seal industries most ideally used elastomers, Nitrile combines excellent resistance to petroleum-based oils and flues, hydraulic fluids, water and alcohol's, with a good balance of such desirable working proprieties as low compression set, high tensile strength, and high abrasion resistance.

Key Use:

Oil resistance applications of all types. Low temperature military uses. Off-road equipment's. Automotive, marine, aircraft fuel systems. Can be compounded for FDA applications.

Working Temperature Range: -40 °F to + 250 °F. (Dry Heat Only.)


  • Comprised of the copolymer butadiene and acrylonitrile, by varying the relative proportion of these two base monomers, depending upon the compound, Nitrile performance characteristics may also be varied over a working temperature range of -65°F to +300°F.
  • Increasing acrylonitrile content gives Nitrile its better resistance to petroleum-based oils and hydrocarbon fuels, enchanting resistance to the degrading effects of heat, at a cost of reduced low temperature performance.
  • Conversely, decreasing acrylonoitrile, while increasing butadiene content, provides better low temperature flexibility…a characteristics most often required by Air-Force-Navy (AN) and Military Standard (MS) O-ring specifications
  • A caboxylated version of the high -acrylonitirle butadiene copolymers (XNBR) is also available for applications required enchanted abrasion resistance.